The pursuit of an online luxury standard

Trust & Transparency

Trust & Transparency

Your watch is inspected by a watchmaker and certified by an expert.

Authenticity Report

Does it work? Is it authentic? Aftermarket parts? Condition? We believe in complete transparency. Our reports let you know what you are getting before you buy.

31-Point Inspection

Each item goes through the same rigorous inspection process producing a grade based off condition, functionality and authenticity.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Every WatchFacts Certified timepiece that is listed on our participating partner platforms comes with a 1 year limited warranty for peace of mind.

31-Point Inspection

Ensuring Peak Performance and Authenticity

We swear it's pre-loved

Every timepiece is reconditioned to manufacturers specifications by brand trained certified watchmakers.

Performance Guarantee

Every timepiece is serviced using only authentic parts. Rest assured your timepiece will perform as described!

A New Online Luxury Standard

Only the best of the best qualify as WatchFacts Certified Pre-Owned.

Authentic Timepieces

Only authentic timepieces are allowed to be considered for the WatchFacts Certified Pre-Owned program. On some occasions aftermarket straps and crystals are allowed.

"I've been collecting watches for years, and authenticity is everything to me. That's why I turned to WatchFacts for their watch certification services."

Victoria H.

"As a watch retailer, I understand the importance of providing customers with the highest quality products. Partnering with WatchFacts has been a game-changer for our business. Their certification services have not only boosted customer trust but also improved our sales."

Daniel G.

The Watchfacts Report

Send us Your Watch

Properly package your item to prevent damage during transit. Use appropriate packaging materials to ensure the item arrives in the same condition it was sent.

Item is Received & Tested

Our certified technicians receive and document the condition of your item. Then, the timepiece is tested for accuracy and water resistance.

Inspection for Authenticity

Your item is then inspected by a CW-21 certified watchmaker via 31-point inspection for authenticity and performance.

WatchFacts Report is Generated and Shipped Back to You

After the watchmaker has documented your timpiece's authenticity a WatchFacts Report is generated with all of our findings and safely shipped and insured back to you.

Authenticity Report

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