Time Guaranteed

Your time is precious, so is your next timepiece. WatchFacts® certified watches are inspected and tested by professional watchmakers and specially trained service technicians that put the watch through a comprehensive series of examinations that results in the WatchFacts Score and provenance eligible for the WatchFacts® Guarantee

Certified watches are authenticated by WatchFacts® Certified experts providing you with peace of mind
Every Certified watch is checked for service and performance allowing you to fully enjoy your timepiece
Certified watches go through a standard process checking for reported theft and performance with documented results
Watches meeting the highest quality level based on the WatchFacts® Score, are guaranteed and backed by a 1 year WatchFacts® limited warranty
Time Ensured

WatchFacts® valuates and authenticates, ensuring that you get exactly what you are looking for in your pre-owned luxury watch without costly hidden problems or even worse, a counterfeit or stolen time piece. To ensure you get the best quality timepiece and are completely satisfied, a 1 year warranty is provided with every WatchFacts® Certified Pre-owned watch.

Global Footprint
No matter where you are in the world, there is a Certified Watchfacts® Dealer near you
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