When you own a WatchFacts® Certified Pre-Owned timepiece, you own a watch with performance, reliability and appearance guaranteed.
Our promise is that you are satisfied with the performance of your certified watch which is why we offer a 1 year limited warranty, our performance guarantee. Click Here to View Warranty
Authentic Parts
You get industry-leading coverage and service with authentic parts by certified watchmakers.

Nationwide Support
Your WatchFacts® Certified watch is supported by authorized WatchFacts® Service Centers nationwide, all of whom honor the standard WatchFacts® Limited Warranty.
What is a Limited Warranty?
Written statement that specifies under what conditions, to what extent, and for how long the item is guaranteed to work as claimed. If a defect or malfunction occurs, such warranties are usually limited to the repair, replacement or reimbursement of the item.

Are the terms and conditions of Limited Warranty online?
In most instances, you can view the terms and conditions of your Limited Warranty online by visiting website where you purchased your product. If you require a paper copy, you can obtain a copy by contacting us at 888-587-2829 and a Customer Care Representative will be happy to assist you.

Why do some watches include a manufacturer's warranty and some do not?
To provide customers with the broadest possible selection, watches that are sourced through multiple distribution channels, and some manufacturers may not honor the manufacturer's warranty for watches sourced through certain channels. For the watches that do not come with a manufacturer's warranty, customers will receive a 1-year Limited Warranty, provided by WatchFacts based on a WatchFacts Score of 83 or better. See WatchFacts Reports for more details.

What is covered by the Limited Warranty provided by WatchFacts?
The internal movement mechanisms, watch buttons, crystal, case, crown and stem of the Watch are warranted to be free from defects.

What is not covered by the Limited Warranty provided by WatchFacts?
This Limited Warranty does not cover any damage or defects due to excessive wear and tear, intentional or accidental misuse or abuse, non-authorized service center repairs, loss, theft, or Act of God, or if used under conditions which exceed the Watch manufacturer's water resistance guidelines. Additional limitations and exclusions may apply. See the WatchFacts Limited Warranty for more details.

How long is my watch covered by the Limited Warranty provided by WatchFacts?
This Limited Warranty lasts for one (1) year from the date the Watch was purchased from Amazon.

When does the coverage of my Limited Warranty begin?
The Limited Warranty begins on the date of product purchase. Please refer to your the Limited Warranty for complete details.

What will WatchFacts do if there is a warranty claim?
For Watch defects covered by this Limited Warranty, at our choice and cost, we will either have your defective Watch repaired, replaced with a watch with similar features and functionality, or reimburse you the purchase price of your product.

How do I obtain Service?
To obtain service under the WatchFacts Limited Warranty, log into your account at www.watchfacts.com or contact customer service at 888-587-2829. You are responsible for postage charges and any insurance for shipment to the service facility. The repaired Watch will be returned to you at the return address that you provide at our cost. When you send the Watch to the service facility, please include a brief description of the problem.

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