Why WatchFacts? +
WatchFacts is the only company that doesn’t buy or sell luxury items. We provide consumer protection for luxury pre-owned goods enhance via trust, security and protection; therefore, we are impartial in the buying and selling process allowing us to be completely objective at all times.

What is Certified Pre-Owned?+
Certified Pre-Owned or CPO is a unique category developed for our partners that consists of a standardized process of inspecting and grading luxury goods. You can trust what you are buying because the item has been inspected and certified to be as described in the WatchFacts report

What is your CPO Process? / How does an item become Certified Pre-Owned?+

Step 1. Every CPO item is tested for theft We have access to many comprehensive theft databases including FBI, Interpol, local law enforcement as well as participating brands; such databases only include properly reported stolen items with a brand name and a serial number

Step 2. Every item is checked for performance and condition.   See Details of a Watchfacts for more specifics of this process

Step 3. Depending on score, the item becomes eligible for a WatchFacts 1 year warranty and will receive a CPO report (show yellow report)

Watch Certification Process

What is a WatchFacts and why does it matter?+
The WatchFacts is our luxury item condition grading report. It provides specific information about the item you are buying. Buyer beware is a growing issue in the online industry. We want you to know what you are buying before you buy.

Please explain the Details of a WatchFacts?+

Box / papers – While Original Box and Papers don’t influence the performance or condition of a watch, Original box and papers are an indication of completeness of an item

Vintage – indication of fragility. The older a watch, the harder it will be for the watch to perform as it was originally intended

Water Testing – this is critical part of the process for the enjoyment and protection of your watch. 

External Condition - because it is not new, every pre-owned item has its own characteristics. Some have more scratches or dings than others. Others have been refinished and look perfect. This is very important in making your decision and we want you to know it in advance

Functionality – Every watch is tested to ensure it meets manufacture timing / performance metrics. Each seller tests the watch in the 5 positions that you would wear the watch to ensure it will not lose power and keep time. The seller will also test to ensure the features also work so you can enjoy your watch for years to come

Authenticity – This is critical as many watches are modified with aftermarket components. WatchFacts will not warranty the performance of most watches with aftermarket performance parts

Inspection Comments – If there is anything the seller wants you to know, this will be included in this section for complete transparency and full disclosure

What does the WF Score mean?+
Buying a pre-owned item can be very difficult. The Score makes your purchase decision easy by allowing you to base your decision on limited factors….Price and Condition.

What is a Certified Dealer?+
A Certified Dealer is a dealer that is endorsed by WatchFacts. A Certified Dealer undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to ensure suitability for the Certified Pre-Owned Program..

What if I don’t trust the report?+
If you don’t trust the report, contact us or send the item in for a free inspection. We will confirm the accuracy of the report and if incorrect, we will contact the dealer on your behalf

What is tested during a re-inspection?+
We will test the watch for performance and authenticity.

What if I have a problem with a dealer?+
WatchFacts certifies its dealers. If you have any issue with a dealer, please contact us immediately.

Service and repair issue+
If your watch fails to perform during the warranty period, please go online to www.watchfacts.com and submit a claim

Who are your watchmakers and inspectors?+
Our watchmakers are Brand Certified or Brand Trained. This allows us not only to ensure authentic parts are used, but also that your item performs the way it should.

Authenticity is a real issue in the industry and we take counterfeit issues very seriously. If you feel your item is not AS DESCRIBED, please file a claim online at www.watchfacts.com.

What is the WatchFacts Warranty?+
The WatchFacts Warranty is a (1) one-year service contract that ensures your item performs as promised. If it doesn’t, please submit a claim and send the item to an authorized WatchFacts repair facility for inspection and repair.

What is covered by the WatchFacts Warranty?+
The internal movement mechanisms, watch buttons, case, and crown of the Watch are warranted to match the details of the WatchFacts report issued when the watch was sold (“WatchFacts Inspection Report”) and to be free from all defects not disclosed in the WatchFacts Report.

What is not covered by the WatchFacts Warranty?+

This limited warranty does not cover any damage or defects if:

  • there is excessive wear and tear
  • there is evidence of intentional or accidental misuse or abuse
  • resulting from loss, theft, or act of God
  • used under conditions which exceed the Watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines

What info do I need when filing a claim?+

You can email us (claims@watchfacts.com) or call us 1.888.587.2928 and provide the following information:

Report number: number placed on the top of the Certification Report. This number is a unique identifier of the item that you bought

Dealer number: alphanumerical code placed at the bottom of the Certification Report. This number provides dealer’s information

I was advised to ship my item to a WatchFacts service center, what do I have to do?+
We will provide you with an insured return label, we will send you an electronic invoice, you can pay with your credit card. WatchFacts will cover all applicable postage and insurance to you at the return address you provide.

What happens when the WatchFacts warranty expires?+
We offer extended warranty services, please contact us for details.

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