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What is WatchFacts
Before you buy that pre-owned watch… Get the Facts!

WatchFacts is the first global and independent watch inspection and verification agency. We bring transparency and disclosure into the pre-owned watch market so that consumers can know what they're getting for their money. Our proprietary technology helps consumers sell and purchase authentic pre-owned watches. There is a lot of risk and fear when buying a pre-owned luxury watch, especially in the online marketplace. WatchFacts takes the fear out of buying pre-owned. By providing comprehensive, in depth inspection reports, as an independent third party, we ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. All our inspections are conducted by professional watchmakers include the WatchFacts Score and are eligible for the WatchFacts Guarantee.   The WatchFacts Score is our proprietary tool that grades the overall condition of a watch, allowing you to compare other watches of the same brand and model. We want you to know what you're buying and sometimes it's hard to get the facts! Let us get them for you and pass the knowledge on to you. Trust, we know it has to be earned…and we want to earn it with the Facts!

WatchFacts… we bring trust, transparency and security to the pre-owned watch business.


I was going to purchase an Omega watch from a friend of mine. I brought the watch to WatchFacts for authentication. The watchmaker was outstanding, providing all the details of the watch as well as water pressure testing it. I really knew what I was buying. Thank you WatchFacts.

- B. Frontino

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